Virtual 5K April 2017


The EHERCC Virtual 5K

The second annual EHERCC Virtual 5K has been set up to assist people who want to support the charity's April Fundraising Month initiative, but perhaps don’t have time to organise their own event or are not sure what to do. The Virtual 5K is open to an all ages and abilities.



What is a Virtual Event?

This event is “virtual”, which means it can be done anywhere you are. It is not an organised event at any set location. It is up to each individual to decide where they want to complete their 5 kms, when in April, and whether they will do it on their own or with others. There is also no requirement to complete the 5 kms in a certain way. You can complete the 5 kms by running, walking, crawling, roller-skating, cycling, swimming or any other form of exercise, or indeed a combination. We just ask you to complete it any time in April, so that you will be doing it “together” with our other members and their supporters worldwide. And if 5 kms in one go seems a lot you can break it down into smaller sections spread over the month




So how do you raise funds for EHE research using our EHE Virtual 5K? There are two ways:

  1. Raise and collect funds by getting people to sponsor you. The easiest way is to set up your own JustGiving page for your EHE Virtual 5k. We suggest that a simple way to do this is to enroll as a ‘fundraiser’ on the charity’s ‘Fundraising Month’ campaign page at; or
  2. if you want to take up the Virtual 5K challenge, alone or with others, but don’t want to set up your own page and get sponsors, then you can sponsor yourself. Just make a one off donation to the charity, again through our ‘Fundraising Month’ campaign page using the link given above. We would like to ask people to consider a £25 donation, but this is entirely up to each individual. Any donation will be wonderful.

And for the really inspired then of course you can both self-sponsor and raise additional sponsors from amongst your family and friends. Make it a family event and get your family involved. Or get your school or any other social group engaged. The more the merrier, and you know that it is all for a great cause.





We want to collate as big a photographic record as possible of everybody who took up the Virtual 5K challenge. So please send us a photo. Send your photos and stories to us at



Health and Safety

It is imperative that anybody taking up the Virtual 5K challenge does so in a sensible and responsible fashion. This is not an organised event so each participant will be responsible for their own health and safety. Please ensure that the timing, location and method of completing your Virtual 5K is appropriate for your age, capabilities and medical circumstances. The intent of this challenge is not to encourage risk taking or use of dangerous or unusual methods of travel. It is simply to encourage as many people as possible worldwide to do something in April. Participants should try where possible to complete their Virtual 5K with others. If you are doing it on your own, then please ensure you inform others of your plans, routing, likely travel time, and the location and estimated time of arrival etc. We would strongly suggest that you also participate in a manner that you are familiar with. If you are under 18 years of age, please ensure you have your parent’s permission to participate.



Good luck. We hope you have a great 5K and raise some critical funds at the same time.